Something for everyone! Guys love to have us coat their garage floor with beautiful, 1/4″ flake epoxy…easy to clean, beads water, looks great…what’s not to love? But often women feel left out of that purchase…as they don’t see the functionality as clearly as their counterpart. Once we talk to them about what we can do to their porches though, those feelings change. Drab, dingy, cracked, tired can turned into pretty, fresh, bright and new.

And while it is acceptable to use any of our System 1 or System 2 colors on your porch, why stop there? Our 1″ brindle flake will take your porch from boring to WOW. Also, the brindle flakes have the appearance of crushed shells, a much more natural looking product. Don’t take our word for it…look at our recent work! The top three pictures are a back porch that was stained, looked worn and had many cracks. We used our 4195 direct to concrete epoxy with 1/4″ Congo flakes, bridged the existing cracks and made something old look new again.



The front entry way below is to a new home, that was poured badly. The homeowner tried to work with the contractor to get it fixed, but was unsuccessful, and the result was a front porch that looked wet all the time, was brittle and left the homeowner upset. That’s where the Epoxy Floor Guys stepped in. We used our 4195 direct to concrete epoxy, then flaked in the 1″ Tiki brindle flake, used a quick dry build coat and then topped it off with our UV stable top coat that will provide a lifetime of protection to this front porch. The end product turned out excellent!