My Dad always said, “If it’s too good to be true, it is.” Nothing can be closer to the truth than that statement when it comes to cheap painted (note I did not say epoxy) floors. To illustrate this, let’s look at Mary’s floor (her name was changed to protect the innocent).

Mary bought her “epoxy” floor from a handyman, which should be your first red flag. Anyone can lay epoxy…right? Wrong. That’s just like saying anyone can paint. Anyone can clean. Anyone can <insert your favorite here>. She paid around $600 for her floor, and it was done 4 months ago… four months.

Peeling Garage FloorBlistering Garage Floor Hot Tire Marks on Epoxy Floor


The pictures are real. We asked Mary if I could take them, embarrassed she agreed. I assured her I could make her problem go away. No, I wasn’t going to off the Handyman, I am going to redo her floor. My price to do her 1 car, small garage was $1200…plus a small charge to clean up the coating that has to be removed before we can begin work. So to compare apple to apple’s, we were twice as expensive as the Handyman. Our lifetime warranty on blisters and peeling…vs this…four months. Our professionally installed floors…vs this…slapped on paint. Our full flaked floors that add strength and integrity to our floors…vs this…confetti flake sprinkled in for cosmetic reasons only.

Need I go on?

Listen, we get it. Not everyone can afford our floors. What question you have to ask yourself is this, can you afford a cheap one?