Most people don’t even know the term “build coat” let alone why they should pay an extra $1.50 per square foot to have one installed with their new epoxy floor.

To start with, many products can be used as a build coat, or a coat between the epoxy and the top coat that adds depth and luster to your floor. Our 5025 Hybrid Primer-Clear Seal Topcoat will also give your floor the “wet look”. We recently used it on a garage floor and I can tell you, it looked really awesome. Here are some below and after pictures of the job for you to decide.

One problem the home owner wanted us to address is by the rear door. The threshold had a 1″ wide, 36″ long trench in front of the door that was not only an eye sore, but it gathered lots of debris. We filled the opening with crack weld, a product that dries 3 times harder than concrete! The results made the homeowner very happy.